Irish Genealogy News - Irish Genealogy Magazines

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (almost)!

The following is information about two magazines devoted to Irish genealogy. One is free and both, I’ve found, present helpful insight.

Irish Roots has been published since 1992. It’s available for a 25 euro…Read more

Irish Genealogy News - 2012 Developments

Hi Folks! Hope you had a great holiday. Looking forward to a happy 2012, there are several encouraging signs for those of us interested in Irish genealogy.

There is a growing feeling in Ireland that making it easier for…Read more

Irish Genealogy News - Griffith's Valuation

Hi folks. Next Tuesday, November 8th, 7pm I'll be giving a talk about Griffith's Valuation at the Irish American Cultural Institute at St. John Fisher College. (Details)

"Griffith's" is a major resource when researching Irish families about…Read more

Irish Genealogy News - US Civil War

Hi!    2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the U.S. Civil War (12 Apr 1861 at Fort Sumter, SC).  Did someone in your family fight in that war?   If your ancestors were in the U.S. at that time…Read more

Irish Genealogy News - Reverse Genealogy

Hi folks. If you’ve ever “survived” my Course I presentation, you’ve heard me encourage the use of reverse genealogy. This Wednesday (May 4th) in Rochester there is a presentation on that topic. (6:30pm, Community Room on Second Floor, Barnes and…Read more