Irish Genealogy News

Hi folks!  Hope you're having a good summer.  I thought you might be interested in the following:

Irish subscription site, has a temporary free access deal to birth/marriage/death records for today through June 30th. See (You didn’t have anything planned for this weekend, did you?)

Not Specific to Genealogy…

Out of Ireland is a tv show that airs on some PBS stations (including Syracuse & Buffalo – not Rochester). The good news is that you can view past shows online at “Each week, the program features highlights of the news from Ireland’s national broadcasting service, RTÉ. The show also includes interviews with Irish and Irish-American celebrities and politicians and showcases Irish music, entertainment and business news.” (Thanks Patty)

There is a free online course about Exploring Irish Identity which covers history, literature, film, GAA, art, music and dance, language, and landscape. The website explains “The Exploring Irish Identity course aims to provide a broad exploration of how history, geography and culture have interacted to construct ideas about what it means to be Irish and, in so doing, shaped Irish consciousness.” To sign up, go to and click on Register. You’ll see that some classes have already taken place, but you have access to all content. (Thanks Ed)