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Irish Genealogy News - Irish Genealogy Magazines 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (almost)!

The following is information about two magazines devoted to Irish genealogy. One is free and both, I’ve found, present helpful insight.

Irish Roots has been published since 1992. It’s available for a 25 euro subscription (4 issues per year) at “Genealogy is the main focus, but Irish history, culture and news also feature prominently.”

Irish Lives Remembered ( is a FREE monthly digital magazine which has been published for 10 months. There is no paper version. The current issue has 86 pages including special sections for researching Tipperary and Australia. When viewing an issue, you can save it to your computer by clicking on PDF download at the bottom of the screen.

On Wednesday March 20, 2013 at 6:30pm, I’ll be presenting my Course III – Irish Name Variations & Search Techniques at the Ogden Farmer’s Library.

On Saturday April 20, 2013, the Rochester Genealogical Society (RGS) will be hosting a full day conference: A Day of British Genealogy Research with Paul Milner. Paul is an entertaining and knowledgeable speaker who has spoken at the major genealogical conferences. Even for those of us without a British line, I expect that we’ll be exposed to valuable tidbits. (Since Ireland was under British rule for a long time, there are many relevant Irish records in British repositories!) Pre-registration is required and full details are at

Irish Genealogy News - New Resources 

Hi folks. Recently I came across 3 sites (at least 2 of them are newly launched) that seem to offer great potential at no charge.
  • Mocavo ( is a new genealogy-specific search engine. Where as a general purpose search engine such as google is likely to return irrelevant info, Mocavo searches only sites with genealogical content. Also, entering John Hogan in Mocavo, yields results for Hogan, John and John F. Hogan. In google, to get the same type of results you would need the following search string: "John Hogan" OR "Hogan, John" OR "John * Hogan". Mocavo is currently a predominately US resource, but has plans to expand.
  • DIPPAM ( offers 3 databases including one with info related to emigration from Ireland. The site has Northern Ireland origins, however the content is relevant to all of Ireland. In a quick search I found non-Ulster Hogans including a family lost at sea near New Jersey and a poor lad/murderer who received a one way ticket to Australia.
  • Genealogy Book Links ( is cataloging ebooks related to US genealogy. Google Books ( is one organization that is digitalizing out-of-copyright books and making them available on the internet. In fact, GooBooGeni ( is attempting to catalog Google Books content relevant to genealogy. Genealogy Book Links includes content from ALL sources, not just from Google Books.
This Sunday April 10th, I'll be presenting "Googling for Genealogy" for the Orleans County Genealogical Society. See their site for details.

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