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Irish Genealogy News - Griffith's Valuation 

Hi folks. Next Tuesday, November 8th, 7pm I'll be giving a talk about Griffith's Valuation at the Irish American Cultural Institute at St. John Fisher College. (Details)

"Griffith's" is a major resource when researching Irish families about the time of the Famine. Irish civil registration began in 1864 (non-Catholic marriages began in 1845). Irish church records can fill the void prior to 1864, but they require knowledge of where your ancestors went to church. Griffith's can help you narrow down the location of your ancestral home.

I'll be giving background info on Sir Richard Griffith and his 40 year project. The "products" of his work will be presented along with which ones are most relevant for genealogy. How to access the major components (at no cost) will be discussed. A detailed handout will be available on my site soon after the presentation.

Resources include:
o Free site:
o Available at (fee),  (fee) &
o Reilly, James R. Richard Griffith and His Valuations of Ireland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2000.